12 Bore DB Percussion Sporting Gun by J Lang

12 bore double barrelled percussion sporting gun by J. Lang, 610mm brown twist barrels,address to top flat, side locks case hardened and engraved with scrolls and makers name,the lock tails continue and are chequered to match wrist chequering,dolphin hammers with scrolling engraving,trigger guard engraved with phesants and gun dogs and incorporating unusual saftey activated by depressing with fingers when gripping to fire, the trigger guard with serial No 494, white metal escutcheon to wrist rail engraved with owners crest of a stags head, engraved ramrod pipe, engraved barrel wedge in white metal escutcheons, original brass tipped ramrod with worm.

In good condition, crisp action, slight brusing to stock commensurate with age. J Lang commenced in business in 1821.Company records start from gun No. 2000 in 1861.This gun No. 494 therefore most probably dates to c.1830


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