Edged Weapons

1796 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Sword Regimentally Marked.

1796 PATTERN HEAVY CAVALRY SWORD regimentally marked to the 2nd Dragoons,885mm blade with hatchet tip,regulation steel disc-hilt without langets.the knuckle-guard stamped with a crown over "cast",the underside ot the disc stamped "2D DS 16 B No19" in its steel scabbard stamped "Osborne & Gunby Birm" and "2D B No23"

The 2nd (Royal North British) Dragoons also known as the "Scots Greys" were renowned for their famous charge at the Battle of Waterloo (immortalised in Lady Bullers painting of "The Charge of the Scots Greys") when Sergeant Ewart captured a French Eagle which was later adopted for use as the regimental badge.A RARE SWORD MOST LIKELY TO HAVE SEEN ACTION AT WATERLOO.


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