Edged Weapons

1796 Pattern Light Cavalry Officers Sword by Bate

1796 Pattern Light Cavalry Officers sword by Bate,Much original black paint finish overall, ribbed wooden grip, stirrup hilt with slot of sword knot,original leather washer on blade,blade with blued finish terminating in flourishes,etched decoration originally gilt now with traces of gilt in the engraving comprising left side cartouche with makers name " BATE'S Warranted Tower Proof", stand of arms, post 1801 Royal Arms, Right side Britannia and Crowned GR cyphir, remaining third of blade with good polish finish. Blade 825mm.

Excellent overall condition, blade with minor marks, blue and gilt blade as per photos, chape with service dinges, grip wire only one turning remaining, much original paint finish to hilt and scabbard..


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