Edged Weapons

1803 Pattern Infantry Officers sword for Grenadiers

1803 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword for Grenadiers with blue and gilt blade, knucklebow with flaming grenade device above Crown over GR cyphir, shagreen grip with triple wire bindings,original crimson and gold bullion tassel the strap replaced with non original, the remenants of the original strap evident above tassel, blade blue and gilt with frosted panels, flourishes and flag,crowned GR cyphir one side, the other with flourishes, flag and Royal Coat of Arms, the remaining third of blade with original polish having insignificant minor marks, scabbard ,leather with much original surface finish, the top locket engraved " Salter Sword Cutler to HRH the DUKE of SUSSEX, 35 Strand, London. In business at 35 Strand 1801-1824. Blade 745mm.

Knucklebow with slight play ( due to shrinkage of wooden grip ), blade with minor rust, scabbard stitching gone between top locket and middle band.

On the whole a very nice example.


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