Edged Weapons

1827 Pattern VR Rifle Officer's sword for the 23rd Derbyshire Rifle Volunteers

1827 Pattern gothic hilt basket with better quality than normal stringed bugle engraving, shagreen grip with wire bindings silver twisted wire bordered with plain copper wire, hilt and scabbard silver plated, blade with retailers name at forte " H. J. Nicoll, Regent St, London ", etched with foilage and flourishes and crowned VR cyphir, the other with " "23rd Derbyshire Rifle Volunteers " with stringed bugle over.

Retains majority of silver plating, losses to pommel and back strap, under basket at junction with pommel and minor losses elsewhere, the scabbard full plate and dent free, blade with minor peppering. Blade 820mm long.

Formed in 1876 the 23rd Derbyshire Rifle Volunteers were subsequently amalgamated into the Cheshire Regiment in 1880. see http://www.glossopheritage.co.uk/cheshires.htm for history.

Overall a good example.


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