Edged Weapons

A Rare English Cavalier Officers Rapier c.1630-1640.

A rare English Cavalier Officers rapier c1630-1640 with tapering double edged blade of flattened diamond section, iron hilt comprising shallow circular guard finely chiselled and pierced with scrolling foliage involving, on each side, naked figures kneeling either side a crucified figure, almost certainly representing Christ, two birds between, a side ring above linked by a pair of foliated scrolls on each side, the former chiselled with a central portrait bust, the latter terminating in a human and monster-head respectively, recurved quillons with encised fish-tail terminals, knuckle-guard with central portrait bust and screwed to the pommel, globular pommel chiselled with foliage and a human face on each side, the grip bound with twisted wire.95.6cm blade.

In fine condition, gripwire expertly replaced, the blade retaining its full length with slight distortion towards the tip however does not detract


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