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Military Cross, War Medal and Victory Medal awarded to 2 Lieut. James Ernest Davis announced in the Evening Telegraph Tuesday July 9 1918. " For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When his company was held up by machine-gun fire he rushed forward and led an assult party which captured the guns, thereby allowing his company to fight its way to its objective sucessfully. In the advance the following day he again exhibited qualities of leadership and though unsupported on his flank, consolidated his position in the face of enemy fire. His splended example and gallant bearing contributed in no small degree to the sucess of the advance of the battalion."

2nd Leiut. J E Davis was Company Commander of No.2 Company. The Inniskillings advanced up the Canal-du-Nord. On 20th November 1917 the Company had one Platoon on the bed of the canal ( dried up ) and one Platoon on the west bank. Several strong points were overcome capturing several machine-guns and 150 prisoners. On 21st November the Inniskillings took up position 200 yards south of Moeuvre and it was consolidated. The troops that were to have gone through the battalion at this point did not arrive. Harrassing machine-gun fire was met. Subsequent engagements resulted in No.2 Company capturing 3 machine-guns and 20 prisoners. A machine-gun to the right of this Company prevented them from advancing further. In trying to overcome this obstacle they lost several of their bravest.

MC privately engraved to rear and in its original case, MC and War Medal originally mounted on baize and framed ( frame now missing ) along with newspaper cutting announcing awardand with Identity Bracelet, Victory Medal appears never to have been framed, original case for MC, Victory Medal seperate, War medal ribbon with glue marks where fixed to baize, Victory Medal ribbon sewn together, replacement original unused ribbons for War and Victory Medals provided.

Copies of War Diary for action and Service Records on CD.


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